Website Consultation

Call today to arrange your website consultaion. We will consider all the information provided and will plan your website depending on your requirements, timeframe and your level of involvement with the project.

Website Design

Our in house design team will provide designs on paper for your approval. During the design phase we will consult with you on your Website Design making changes where appropriate until you are ready to proceed to the website development phase. Customers are permitted unlimited design revisions during the website design phase. Once customers are happy with the design of website pages, graphics & logos – we are ready to proceed to the website development phase.

Website Development

During the website development phase, your website will be built to specifiaction incorporating our agreed designs, media and content.  Our website programmers are highly versed in the latest skills such as HTML5, CSS3.0 and jQuery.

Website Marketing & Social Media

Ensure that your company is utilising social media where appropriate.  Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Local Places pages should be created and linked to and from your website. It is important to provide links to your company on other websites and also on our own local directory and local business link websites.

Media & Content

Our in house Photographer can visit your business or organization to take high quality photographs. Alternatively we can purchase high quality stock photography on your behalf. If you already have high quality photographs and images, these can be utilised. All of our websites are based on our own Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to edit website pages or add new information as easily as using a modern word processor. We can also work with you to ensure new content is added to your website and information is kept up to date

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