PC Virus removal

Bring your computer to us and we will remove Virus and Malware along with unwanted programs that may cause unauthorised advertising to appear in websites. Our virus removal service includes a lifetime licence of Malware Bytes Pro and Microsoft Security Essentials.

Serious Virus removal

Some virus are more serious than just adding advertising to websites. Recent cases have seen Ransom Ware appear where the user is asked to pay large amounts of money to unscrupulous criminal gangs. This can be avoided with sufficient protection against virus and malware.

Apple Mac Virus removal

Often we install free software or utilities such as PDF creators, Photo file converters and games onto Apple Mac computers. Often the original free software is free from virus or malware, however we have to be very careful to download form the official website and not from a source which may repackage the otherwise harmless software to include virus or malware.