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Bring your computer or laptop to our office in Lymington High Street. We will diagnose your computer problems the same day. After diagnosis is complete, we will calculate the costs of parts & repair and consult with you before carrying out any work. Often we can return your computer the same day, even while you wait. Here are just some of the computer and laptop repairs that we carry out.

Laptop Running Slow

We can clean your computer of unneccesary programs and temporary files that have accumulated over time. Our laptop health check will identify any problems. We can run our system clean up software which will speed up your laptop. Sometimes a new hard drive or super fast SSD is recommended and we can backup your data and then restore it once the new drive is fitted. We will carefully clean inside your laptop while fitting the new drive. Removing the dust from fans and checking that your laptop is not overheating during use.

Desktop Computer Running Slow

Desktop computers can often be given a new lease of life by upgrading the operating system, hard drive or System Ram. Our desktop computer health check will identify problems and we will carefully consider the best option to speed up your desktop computer. We will remove dust and debris from inside your computer case and check that the hard drive is functioning correctly.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screens can stop working or often get damaged or cracked accidentally. The cost of replacing your screen will vary depending on the make, model and age of your laptop. The cost of screen replacement has gone down over the last year or so. Replacing your laptop screen is often much cheaper than purchasing a new laptop.

Apple Repairs

We repair all iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook and MacBook Pro computers. We repair Apple Computers like your local Apple Store! We also carry out repairs on older Apple computers that the Apple Store cannot. Here are just some common apple problems and solutions that we provide.

- Apple Mac Running Slow

New Hard drive or Super Fast SSD drive. Backup your data and reinstall the latest OS X software from Apple. Clean inside your apple computer, removing dust and checking for signs of overheating.

- Sync Apple Mac computer and iCloud with iPhones and iPads

Often a little help is required getting set up with Apple iCloud on your mac computer. We can get you set up with iCloud on iPhone, iPad and on your Apple Mac. Once we have set things up for you it will continue to work automatically.

- Apple photos issues

Apple photos app replaced iPhotos a few years ago. When upgrading from iPhoto to photos there are sometimes issues or corrupt data. We have specialist software in house to recover Apple Photo's libraries and iPhoto libraries. We also have powerful iPhoto and apple photos deduplication software which can remove all of your duplicate photos.

- Failing Apple Hard Drive

The hard drive inside your apple computer will start to show signs of wear after 2-3 years of use. Replacing the hard drive with a super fast SSD drive and reinstalling the software we will have your Apple Mac computer running even better than new.

-Apple MacBook Screen replacement

If you have accidentally cracked your MacBook screen then fear not. We can replace the screen for a lot less than you might imagine. While we are working on your macbook we can also investigate other issues such as dust build up inside the case.

-Apple iMac Screen replacement

Some early models of iMac have a problem where black lines appear on screen. This often gets worse with time and eventually the screen will become unusable. We can usually replace these iMac screens.

-Apple Data Recovery

We have in-house data recovery machines and we can recover your files and photos from the failing hard drive or non working Apple Mac Pro, iMac, or MacBook computer.

-New Apple Product arrived and running slow?

Unbelievably Apple still sell some products with relatively slow mechanical hard drives as standard. A good example of this is the Mac Mini base model. A powerful product at a good price, but upon arrival the performance is disappointingly slow if you did not purchase the Flash Storage upgrade. Never mind we can replace the hard drive with a super fast SSD which will have it running fast as you'd expect from an Apple product. Actually it works out better value depending on the size of storage your require. Up to 2TB SSD (Solid State Drives) are now readily available.  

Data Recovery

USB flash drives, Camera SD Cards and hard drives all suffer from data loss or corruption. If you have lost your work or photographs it is important not to use the device or attempt recovery at home as this may cause further damage. Peacock Computers have various methods of data recovery available in house. Contact us as soon as possible to maximise your chances of successful data recovery.

Courier Collection

We will arrange collection of your hard drives, RAID arrays, USB Storage devices.

Remote Support

With your permission we can access your computer, laptop or apple mac remotely and fix problems. If you have internet access it is possible for one of our remote support engineers to establish a secure encrypted connection to your computer upon your request and authorisation. We are fully licensed to provide remote support to your computer or laptop.  
[caption id="attachment_337" align="alignleft" width="592"]iphone 6 and samsung smartphone and table repair We repair all mobile phones and tablets[/caption] We repair all mobile phones, and tablets. Bring your faulty mobile, smartphone or tablet to us or call today for a free diagnostic and price. Your device will be as good as new with 100% genuine parts. Screen Replacement - We replace the touch screen digitizer and display LCD on all mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Mobile phone - Speaker, camera and microphone replacement. iPhone unlocking - We can unlock your Apple iPhone to work with any sim card and abroad. iPhone and Smart Phone data recovery - We can restore contacts and data lost. Same day service - Once diagnostic is carried out on your smartphone or tablet we will book a time for your repair so you can bring the device back with repairs completed in 2 hours.

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