Search Engine Optimisation

Your website must be optimised for Google and other Search Engines. We ensure that keywords, descriptions and ‘meta-tags’ are in place throughout all your website content. Website addresses and URL’s are all made Search Engine Friendly’. We have an excellent reputation for ensuring websites appear in search engine results.

Google AdWords

If you need to get traffic to your site quickly then Google AdWords – If used carefully – can provide fast results.

We have a unique software that optimises your pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign and tracks each and every pay per click visitor to your website. We can drive any amount of traffic to your website and also ensure that those visitors are converted into paying customers.

Depending on the quality of your website landing pages – that we can work on – a cost will be determined per click for bringing visitors to your site. We can ensure that your advertising budget is well spent.

Call us today to discuss getting your website noticed tomorrow!

Improve your Search Engine Ranking the organic way

We can help you learn how to improve your website yourself. By spending one hour or more per day it is possible to get your website noticed on Google and other search engines. Companies often face a lot of competition in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. In these cases it is neccessary to build up links and write articles about your company, products & services. We have SEO packages to suit every individual or organisation. We have helped business to improve their search engine ranking for the most important keywords. Our team will work with you to ensure that your potential customers can find you when using google and other search engines. Depending on the level of competition your company faces, it can take anywhere from 3 months to 1  year or more of ongoing ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ before your company will reach the first page of results in google and other search engines.