Please be on the lookout for companies who call via telephone and claim that they are aware of virus or other problems on your computer.

If you are being targeted by nuisance calls, the best approach is not to respond in any way and to simply hang up the telephone.

Most of these companies are based overseas and target areas by area code with random phone numbers. It often happens regardless of whether you are listed in the phone book or not.

These scam call centres have developed quite sophisticated stories to convince the victim that they are genuine. Often they are charging people very high prices, our most recent case the victim was charged £1200 in two calls. We have since investigated the victims computer and written a report for their bank who will attempt to “charge back” the money.

Here are some examples.. “I am calling from Microsoft because we have detected problems with your computer”

“I am calling because your email address has been infected with a virus and is sending out spam and requests to your friends and family”

“I am calling because in your local area there is an outbreak of computer virus”

If you receive such a call then please be aware that it is impossible for these people to know anything about your email or computer. Most of these callers proceed to convince the victim to visit a website that will give themselves access to your computer. Once the caller has access they will attempt to show proof of a computer virus by loading some graphics or photos onto your computer. They will then demand that you pay money for the “service” of removing the said items. The callers are highly skilled in talking and often talk the victims into signing electronic contracts via email  and then transferring money via credit card or bank transfer. It is often only afterwards that the victim realises they have been conned.

Our advice is not to negotiate with the caller. Any attempts to reason with them or to complain seems only to fuel the fire and to evoke further phone calls and emails. These communications can become quite worrying and in some cases our clients have been verbally threatened over the phone. The only approach is not to respond and to hang up the telephone.

We can help, If you have been targeted or have recently paid money for this kind of scam call us to arrange a checkup of your computer and if necessary we can write a letter to your bank for you.

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