photo of laptop over heating

With the recent UK heat wave we have noticed a lot of computers and laptops are getting very hot.

Symptoms of overheating devices:

  • Sudden shutdown – the device suddenly turns off
  • Loud fan noise – you can hear the fans at full blast like an aeroplane taking off
  • Slowdown – the Computer processor speed is automatically throttled to reduce heat.
  • High temperature – The computer or device may feel extremely hot in places such as the underneath of a laptop or inside the desktop computer.
  • Computer malfunction or failure – often if overheating has been occurring for a long time the computer will suddenly fail beyond repair and in some cases data is lost.

What do we do to prevent or reduce overheating computers & devices

Every computer and device that is booked in gets a full service, health check and diagnostics.

Within our full service these processes involve reducing computer overheating…

  • Fans cleaned thoroughly and dust removed – fans replaced if required, but often can be simply cleaned and oiled.
  • Cooling system service – every computer and laptop we clean the cooling system and re apply fresh thermal paste where required to the CPU and GPU where applicable.
  • Full computer health check – We ensure that no malware or unwanted programs are increasing your computers workload causing additional heat.
  • Hard drive health check – The hard disk (if mechanical) inside your computer or laptop will sometimes give off a surprising amount of heat – especially when worn out which is common. The disk platter spins at 5400 or 7200 revolutions per minute so any additional friction with a mechanical hard drive due to wear and tear will create even more heat.

Why do we go to such lengths to reduce overheating for our customers?

  1. Customers are happier when their devices keep working for as long as possible after repair work is done.
  2. We don’t get devices coming back with heat failure after repair work is done.

If your laptop screen is broken, of course we can repair that. If the laptop later stops working due to overheating and dust then it would be a waste of money to you, and create an unhappy customer for us. So we include a full service including overall heat reduction all this is our initial booking in fee to minimise this risk.


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