Mac Virus and Malware on the Increase – Flashmail trojan and variants

Apple Mac Virus and Malware Removal

We have seen an alarming rise in the number of Virus and Malware infections on Apple Mac Computers. We are finding that the best way to remove and to prevent re-infection is to reinstall the OS . Often this is also a good time to upgrade to the latest OSX and replace the hard drive…. Read more »

Friday the 13th – The Jerusalem Virus

The Friday 13th Virus – also known as “Jerusalem”, was created in 1988 in Israel to commemorate¬†the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Jewish state. The Virus activates on Friday 13th causing the destruction of affected files, and programs being used. It also slows down you computer by using up large amounts of memory…. Read more »

Ransom-ware – Stolen Data Virus found lurking in reception

The Stolen Data Virus

Ransom-ware “” virus We found traces of the virus on a computer in the reception of a new forest clinic. This virus and variations of it first appeared in 2013. The software which is installed by the virus can encrypt all your data on the computer making it unreadable without the encryption key. It… Read more »

Microsoft Scam Virus

Be on the look out for a message on your windows computer which claims that microsoft support is attempting to connect to your computer. There is a phone number to dial which is a premium rate phone number. To remove this you need to go to remove programs in control panel and try to remove… Read more »